Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Boy...

Let's play Guess Who?!

My boys look very similar, which I think is so sweet. This is both of them pictured at the same exact age. Excuse the drool please...that's a signature move for a baby of 5 months.  :)
I love my boys. I once thought I would be a mother of all girls. Now, what would my little world be like without them? Granted, it may be a little less dirty, sweaty, stinky and sticky, but what fun is that??
They simplify my life. There's no fussing with braiding hair, or having to pick out pretty outfits. I throw clothes on them that will get messy before noon. They like loud things that make noise. Spiderman, Cars, and Buzz are like celebrities in my home. From the womb on out, there is mighty strength in their muscles. They are already molded and formed for being men. It's amazing!
And they love me. Pure, beautiful, and simplified love. 

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