Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ready, Set, Shoot!

Last month, we had a family photo shoot done. I was so excited. We have not had real family photos taken since I was largely pregnant with Jeff. It was wonderfully chaotic. With children, you never know what to expect. Thankfully, we ended up with some good ones! You would never know the funny wild things that happened in between shots. That's the beauty of pictures!
The things you do not have the privilege to see:
*Jeff running around like a monkey. We could barely catch him to get in the shot.
*Karin wanted to be in every photo. She LOVES the camera.
*Jerome and I fake laughing during our turn, but ended up giggling so much it hurt.
Arizona can provide the most beautiful natural backgrounds. The sunrises and sunsets can take your breath away. Yes, it can be very hot. Very hot indeed. Or in my case, bone-chilling cold in the winter. But, it is my home.
I am desert rat. Born and raised. I am not sure my body would know what to do long term in humidity. Let's hope I don't have to find out. With Jerome in the prospect of job searching, that has been thrown in as a possibility. A possibility that leaves me sick in the stomach. We shall see soon enough....

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