Monday, December 5, 2011

What makes a mother?

I have been thinking so much lately back to this very special day in April. The day we adopted our Isabel. This day was as momentous as each day I birthed Karin, Jeffrey, and Luke. I can't even express the emotions surrounding this event.
I met Isabel almost 2 years ago this month. The moment I saw her, I knew she was meant for me. She encompasses all of the characteristics of why I wanted to open my home for children. She is perfect in all of the imperfections others may see. I love her so much. Did I carefully watch my stomach grow with her developing body? No. Did I go through hours of labor, or endured a cesarean for her? No. Did I get to see her take her first breath? No. Did I soothe her while in and out of the hospital as an infant? No. Do we have the same skin color? No. Does that make me any less her mother? Not at all. I still get to hold her like a baby. I am able to watch every breath she takes now, and am there to soothe her while she is sick. She knows me as her mama. And she is every bit my daughter.
Children have a knack for teaching their parents life lessons. Isabel teaches me a lesson everyday. She can't walk or talk. She can't taste the foods we have come to love. I have watched Jeffrey surpass her development, and now Luke. They have grown, she has remained the same. But, she has a joy in her heart that shows complete satisfaction. I am proud to be her mother. And even though I was not there in the beginning, I will be there until the end.

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